Heating Systems

PES Group Ltd Commercial Heating

If you have heating requirements then let Planned Environmental Services find you the best solution.

Our expertise in planned maintenance service covers the full spectrum of heating installations and heating ventilation from the basic “wet” systems with radiators, through to fan coils & under-floor heating. If your requirements are factory heating, then perhaps direct fired gas appliances would be more suited or, if you are using heat in your production process, let us investigate the possibility of reclaiming the heat and using it elsewhere. Fuel costs are always increasing therefore heat reclaim can be cost affective in the long term.

Heating can also be achieved using the reverse cycle refrigeration or, to give it its more common name, Heat Pumps; again these are very fuel efficient and if you are limited on the capacity of your electrical supply, internal combustion engine driven systems are available.



One of the more efficient forms of heating is by reverse cycle heat pumps which have the added advantage of Cooling available to use. With the full heat reclaim format, the building orientation can improve the fuel efficiency as during Spring & Autumn, the opposing building orientation (North or South), will result in opposing comfort requirements, thus heat rejected on the warm side of the building would be re-used on the cold side.

Historic Buildings

Historic Buildings

As a company, PES Group can always assure you of our sympathetic approach both in the Design & Installation within Historic buildings, which we have vast experience in around Essex and london.

Commercial Testing


Upon completion of installations our commissioning heating technicians and engineers will attend site and verify that all the new equipment is functioning correctly and operating at 100% efficiency.



When the installation is 100% complete, the site protection is removed from the equipment and vulnerable items such as Air filtero, will be installed and the pre-commission checks carried out.